Crispin Black

David Petraeus: a personality cult with a zipper problem

Thu 15 Nov, AT 10:30 Crispin Black

Many saw Petraeus as a future president. But the truth is he was overrated – and not just by Paula Broadwell

Ten years of misery have been lifted, says Gary McKinnon

Summary Wed 17 Oct, AT 10:14

But while the Pentagon hacker speaks of his relief, White House calls Theresa May's decision 'frustrating'

Western forces gather as Israel looks set to attack Iran

Wed 4 Jul, AT 07:38 Robert Fox

As Iran tests ballistic missile, Israel has only a short window in which to strike Iran's nuclear centrifuges

Blacktip shark

Common ancestor of sharks and humans revealed

One-Minute Read Thu 14 Jun, AT 15:35

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, researchers find common ancestor

Cameron makes £100m U-turn on F-35 aircraft carrier jets

One-Minute Read Thu 10 May, AT 15:00

Humiliating turnaround for Cameron as Ministry of Defence reverts to Labour’s original plan

Air Force One

Pass the M&Ms: the thrills of flying on Air Force One

Media Watch Wed 14 Mar, AT 13:31

Journalist who travelled with David Cameron on Obama's plane describes the 'cut above' experience