Jews get off a train in Pithiviers, central France

SNCF airs Holocaust regret as it bids for Florida rail

News Mon 15 Nov, AT 15:12

Critics denounce French railway’s cynical ploy to win US rail contract

Chinese Yuan US dollar

US will not devalue dollar to boost economy

News Tue 19 Oct, AT 13:48

Business Digest: US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner speaks out against currency war

Sarah Palin at the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington

Tea Party prefers Christie to Palin for president

News Tue 12 Oct, AT 15:18

Tea Party straw poll reduces Sarah Palin to second choice 2012 candidate

Rohypnol or 'roofies'

Mass overdose of students blamed on date rape drug

News Mon 11 Oct, AT 16:34

Police say date rape drug or ecstasy may have been used to spike vodka at party in Washington

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter ride adjusted for the really big fans

News Thu 16 Sep, AT 11:15

Overweight Potter fans finally accommodated after seat size adjustment

Smokestack; climate change

China overtakes US as number one energy user

News Tue 20 Jul, AT 11:32

Business Digest: China’s new-found primacy will determine how we all use energy