Smokestack; climate change

China overtakes US as number one energy user

News Tue 20 Jul, AT 11:32

Business Digest: China’s new-found primacy will determine how we all use energy

Fire boats battle a fire at the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico

BP faces seven-year oil exploration ban in US

News Thu 15 Jul, AT 10:10

Business Digest: A draft law would ban companies with poor safety records from obtaining drilling permits

Barack Obama

Fall of Barack Obama: the polls portend disaster

Thu 15 Jul, AT 08:35 Alexander Cockburn

Obama offered Americans a free and easy pass to a better future: now they see it was an empty promise

Markets fall; Hong Kong shares; stockmarket

US and UK credit rating downgraded by Chinese

News Tue 13 Jul, AT 10:59

But after failure of Western credit rating agencies to foresee financial crisis, has Chinese upstart got a point?

Benjamin Netanyahu in America

Turkey makes Netanyahu and Obama talks tougher

News Mon 5 Jul, AT 23:36

Is Israeli PM guilty of endangering the US even more by falling out with Turkey?

Republican congressman Joe Barton, Texas

Joe Barton’s ‘shakedown’ gaffe takes flak off BP

News Fri 18 Jun, AT 11:30

For a while yesterday, there was one man in America more unpopular even than Tony Hayward