Republican congressman Joe Barton, Texas

Joe Barton’s ‘shakedown’ gaffe takes flak off BP

News Fri 18 Jun, AT 11:30

For a while yesterday, there was one man in America more unpopular even than Tony Hayward

Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri

Mystery deepens over Iran scientist filmed in Arizona

News Wed 9 Jun, AT 13:23

Two conflicting videos beg question: was Shahram Amiri abducted or did he defect?

Nuclear test mushroom cloud above Mururoa Atoll

US rules out nuclear option to end BP oil spill

News Thu 3 Jun, AT 17:18

‘It’s crazy’ says top official, as BP sorts through 31,000 other helpful ideas submitted by the public

Michelle and Barack Obama

No gatecrashers - but a new hairdo for First Lady

News Thu 20 May, AT 13:33

Obamas lay on the pomp and circumstance for Mexico's President Calderon

George W and Laura Bush

Laura Bush comes out for gay marriage and abortion

News Fri 14 May, AT 16:04

George W Bush's wife tells Larry King she was a liberal all along