Elena Kagan

Lesbian issue overshadows Supreme Court nominee

Thu 13 May, AT 08:44 Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn: Is Elena Kagan gay or not? And does it really matter?

Oil slick in Gulf of Mexico

Will the BP oil spill prevent offshore drilling? Hell no

Fri 7 May, AT 14:08 Alexander Cockburn

Even now, Barack Obama - who took more BP cash than McCain - pledges his support for Atlantic coast drilling

Senator caught looking at girls during abortion bill

News Thu 6 May, AT 12:14

‘Bored’ Republican Mike Bennett checked out photo while Democrat argued bill ‘disrespects women’

Faisal Shahzad

NYC bomber Shahzad nearly escaped - or did he?

News Wed 5 May, AT 08:14

Police may have been waiting for Times Square suspect to call an accomplice just before take-off, say security experts

Goldman Sachs

Goldman talks up losses as fraud probe reaches Senate

News Mon 26 Apr, AT 10:49

Goldman Sachs says it lost money during the financial crisis after all in bid to quash fraud allegations