DNA testing

Doctors stop superbug MRSA in its tracks with DNA testing

First Reaction Wed 14 Nov, AT 09:38

Inexpensive technique identified source of infection in a hospital - and could be used against E. coli and salmonella

Did the Sainsbury Laboratory deserve the Stirling Prize?

Talking Point Mon 15 Oct, AT 16:26

Rival complains at losing out to building that doesn't 'excite' him but critics praise the judges' decision

Bird flu virus

Scientists create bird flu virus you could catch from a sneeze

First Post Fri 22 Jun, AT 09:44

Research shows H5N1 virus needs only to mutate five times before being capable of causing a 'global pandemic'

Chancellor of Cambridge University

Who will Cambridge vote to replace Phil the Greek?

Fri 14 Oct, AT 08:31 Crispin Black

The head says Lord Sainsbury but the heart says Brian Blessed... Let the voting commence