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Barack Obama announced executive actions in the US

Executive orders: how a US president can rule by decree

Fri 21 Nov, AT 10:57

Republicans say Obama's immigration rules are illegal and should be overturned, but executive orders have a long history

Economist angers French with yet another nationalistic slur

First Post
Fri 4 Jan, AT 14:41

French insulted as weekly mag portrays Obama as a Frenchman – and a cliched one at that

FTSE 6,000 points euphoria masks big worries about US

Thu 3 Jan, AT 09:30

US 'fiscal cliff' deal provides no basis for a meaningful improvement in debt ratios, says Moody's

'Fiscal cliff' talks faltering as deadline approaches

Mon 31 Dec, AT 08:07

Pentagon ready to send lay-off notices to 800,000 workers if politicians cannot reach a compromise


Boris can make it to No.10 - not if Max Hastings can help it

Opinion digest
Wed 10 Oct, AT 13:13

Opinion digest: The Boris debate, the importance of children's TV, US-China trade stand-off

Joe the Plumber runs for Congress

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Oct, AT 13:04

Tradesman who took Obama to task over tax announces Washington bid for the Republicans

Barack Obama

What the big guns think of Barack Obama’s jobs speech

Thu 8 Sep, AT 16:53

Talking Point: Obama gives his big speech on job creation tonight - but how he delivers it will be far more important than what is in it

Barack Obama

Has US debt crisis boosted Obama’s re-election hopes?

Tue 2 Aug, AT 11:58

First reaction: America set to avoid debt default with new deal, but who are the winners and losers?