US economy

25 Jun, 2015

Higher consumer spending cited for improved figures, but concerns about methodology remain

21 Jun, 2013

Shares tumbled, but Ben Bernanke achieved his aim of focusing attention on a 'return to normalcy'

29 May, 2013

'2014 could be the year when the economy starts to show real acceleration' say experts

15 May, 2013

'You don’t want to use the progress we are making as an excuse not to fix the problem'

13 Feb, 2013

The US President's 'wide-ranging' State of the Union address sets out a bold vision for his second term

02 Jan, 2013

The White House wants credit for the deal, but Obama and the US aren't out of the woods

09 Oct, 2012

Two weeks after he risked alienating half of US with his '47 per cent' remark, Romney is back in the race

Ben Bernanke
14 Sep, 2012

‘Stunningly aggressive measures’ says FT as Ben Bernanke aims to boost US economy

11 Sep, 2012

Launch of gadget could add up to half of a percentage point US economic growth in fourth quarter

04 Sep, 2012

Opinion Digest: Tory dreams, American hopes and why Britain is falling behind the world in maths