US economy

David Tepper
22 Dec, 2009

Hedge-funder David Tepper makes a fortune by taking US government at its word

US unemployment
15 Dec, 2009

US could be heading for a period of high unemployment, economists warn

09 Dec, 2009

Moody’s warns that both UK and US are taking a risk with public sector expenditure

Timothy Geithner; Barack Obama
24 Nov, 2009

JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon in the frame to replace him, but would he do any better? Unlikely

US economy comes out of recession
29 Oct, 2009

Without ‘cash for clunkers’ and the stimulus spending it couldn’t have happened

Sub-prime; house; US; property
07 Oct, 2009

Reverse mortgages sold to retired people threaten a new bubble

09 Sep, 2009

Alan Greenspan and Warren Buffett have both cautioned that a US recovery is not a foregone conclusion

London Stock Exchange
27 Jul, 2009

After rising on Friday for the tenth successive day the FTSE 100 is poised to equal its record 11-day run

04 Jun, 2009

Leading City figures warn that the economic slowdown is a long way from being over - and the effects could last a decade

12 May, 2009

A number of commentators, including the legendary investor, believe that the world is heading for a return to growth