US economy

Wall Street

Banker fury as Obama unveils new risk tax

Thu 14 Jan, AT 07:53

President wants to raise $100bn over ten years to pay off TARP deficit

Andrew Cuomo

Bankers head to DC for another show of contrition

Wed 13 Jan, AT 07:27

Andrew Cuomo threatens legal scrutiny if assisted banks don’t own up on pay

Wall Street

Top economists paint gloomy picture for 2010

Tue 5 Jan, AT 07:15

Don't be fooled by the occasional good numbers, warn Krugman and Co

David Tepper

$2.5bn pay for the man with the brass balls

Tue 22 Dec, AT 07:09

Hedge-funder David Tepper makes a fortune by taking US government at its word

US unemployment

America: Welcome to Europe circa 1985

Tue 15 Dec, AT 06:43

US could be heading for a period of high unemployment, economists warn

Darling to go on spending despite credit-rating risk

Wed 9 Dec, AT 07:22

Moody’s warns that both UK and US are taking a risk with public sector expenditure

Timothy Geithner; Barack Obama

Rumours spread that Geithner will be replaced

Tue 24 Nov, AT 06:40

JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon in the frame to replace him, but would he do any better? Unlikely

US economy comes out of recession

US out of recession – but it’s too early to celebrate

Thu 29 Oct, AT 15:10

Without ‘cash for clunkers’ and the stimulus spending it couldn’t have happened

Sub-prime; house; US; property

After sub-prime comes ‘old prime’ crisis

Wed 7 Oct, AT 17:49

Reverse mortgages sold to retired people threaten a new bubble