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US economy

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After sub-prime comes ‘old prime’ crisis

Wed 7 Oct, AT 17:49

Reverse mortgages sold to retired people threaten a new bubble

Finance figures warn on US economy

Wed 9 Sep, AT 09:33

Alan Greenspan and Warren Buffett have both cautioned that a US recovery is not a foregone conclusion

London Stock Exchange

FTSE heads for record rise

Mon 27 Jul, AT 10:24

After rising on Friday for the tenth successive day the FTSE 100 is poised to equal its record 11-day run

Finance experts question recovery

Thu 4 Jun, AT 09:55

Leading City figures warn that the economic slowdown is a long way from being over - and the effects could last a decade

George Soros talks up the global recovery

Tue 12 May, AT 08:59

A number of commentators, including the legendary investor, believe that the world is heading for a return to growth

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve chief predicts end to downturn

Wed 6 May, AT 09:24

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke tells US politicians the recession should be over by Christmas, barring any unforeseen setbacks