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US economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve chief predicts end to downturn

Wed 6 May, AT 09:24

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke tells US politicians the recession should be over by Christmas, barring any unforeseen setbacks

Automaker Chrysler speeds towards bankruptcy

Thu 30 Apr, AT 09:55

Last-minute negotiations to save the US car giant from bankruptcy appear to have failed, reports from America suggest

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Global markets soar on economic green shoots

Thu 30 Apr, AT 09:34

Investors flocked to buy stocks worldwide yesterday after signs that American consumers are starting to spend again

Barack Obama

Obama has become the beleaguered messiah

Fri 17 Apr, AT 01:00
Alexander Cockburn

From the economy to foreign policy the new president has little between here and the horizon but a sheet of very thin ice, which is already starting to crack

Timothy Geithner: Obama’s very convenient fall guy

Fri 27 Mar, AT 13:31
Alexander Cockburn

While the Treasury Secretary gets pelted with mouldy cabbages, especially by Paul Krugman, the President charms the nation

Stewart’s humiliation of Cramer marks end of era

Mon 23 Mar, AT 00:00
Charles Laurence

Accusations that he was a Wall St ‘shill’ mean that Jim Cramer, the embodiment of the ‘greed is good’ era, is finished