US election 2012

Crying Obama pays tribute to Democrat party workers - video

Fri 9 Nov, AT 11:15

The newly re-elected president wiped away tears as he thanked staff at his Chicago campaign headquarters

Donald Trump

Trump in crazed Twitter tirade as Obama wins second term

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Wed 7 Nov, AT 13:01

Furious businessman calls for a revolution in America as the internet chuckles

Fiscal cliff looms for Obama

One-Minute Read
Wed 7 Nov, AT 11:36

Asians markets rise but dollar falls following Obama's win

Republican recriminations start early after Romney defeat

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Wed 7 Nov, AT 10:36

Whose fault was that? Romney for being too weak? Chris Christie for buddying up to Obama?

Obama wins, Nate Silver wins, Romney and the lawyers lose

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Wed 7 Nov, AT 09:30

Barack Obama defeated his Republican challenger Mitt Romney - but who else won and lost last night?

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, US election

The stay-up-all-night guide to the US presidential election

Tue 6 Nov, AT 15:25

The Week’s hour-by-hour breakdown of what to watch for as the election results come through from the States

What you get when you vote Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

Tue 6 Nov, AT 11:30

Election briefing: where the two candidates stand on the key issues facing the United States today

US election: legal battles have already begun in key states

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Mon 5 Nov, AT 15:50

With shades of 2000, lawyers for Obama and Romney are facing off in the key states of Florida and Ohio