US election 2012

Rudolf Giuliani
04 Nov, 2012

Former New York mayor says Obama failed in aftermath of superstorm, but is it too late?

02 Nov, 2012

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg throws his weight behind the President. Will it make a difference?

01 Nov, 2012

Republican New Jersey Governor goes from harsh critic of president to biggest fan in 10 days

26 Oct, 2012

Campaign video that compares voting for Obama to a girl losing her virginity prompts furious reaction

26 Oct, 2012

Romney campaign not helped by Sununu alleging Powell endorsed Obama because they’re both black

Situation room during Osama Bin Laden raid
25 Oct, 2012

GOP outraged as film, airing two days before US election, is re-edited to include more Obama footage

Mitt Romney
25 Oct, 2012

As Boston Globe asks for testimony to be unsealed, TMZ is already claiming Romney lied under oath

25 Oct, 2012

Businessman's 'October surprise' is anything but, as President strikes back on Jay Leno

24 Oct, 2012

Mitt Romney forced to distance himself from Indiana candidate with strange ideas about God's intentions

24 Oct, 2012

Boston Globe seeks to unseal court documents that reportedly contain 'juicy information' about Romney