US election 2012

Barack Obama

Polls indicate Obama will be a one-term president

Wed 7 Sep, AT 10:17

Can President Obama’s make-or-break speech on job creation turn the tide in time?

Governor Rick Perry: one lucky son of a bitch

Fri 19 Aug, AT 09:32
Alexander Cockburn

With his acute sense of timing, brilliant advisors and great luck, Perry has never lost an election

Barack Obama

Has US debt crisis boosted Obama’s re-election hopes?

Tue 2 Aug, AT 11:58

First reaction: America set to avoid debt default with new deal, but who are the winners and losers?

Rick Perry

Can Rick Perry ride all the way to the White House?

Tue 21 Jun, AT 08:11
Charles Laurence

Charles Laurence reports on a pistol-packing Texas Republican who could give Obama a run for his money

Barack Obama

Obama’s future in balance as the US economy tanks

Thu 16 Jun, AT 08:52
Alexander Cockburn

Can any of these Republican nutballs win? Yes, the US has long had a soft spot for imbeciles

Barack Obama Mitt Romney

Romney shocks Obama, but will US vote for Mormon?

Wed 8 Jun, AT 16:13

First reaction: Poll showing Mitt Romney and Obama neck and neck is a surprise - but his Mormon faith is an issue

Sarah Palin

Will Sarah Palin run? Who knows? Who cares?

Thu 2 Jun, AT 08:46
Alexander Cockburn

How the Republicans threw it all away after the midterm elections victory