US election 2012

Messy Staples divorce comes back to haunt Mitt Romney

One-Minute Read
Wed 24 Oct, AT 08:36

Boston Globe seeks to unseal court documents that reportedly contain 'juicy information' about Romney

Obama bayonets defensive Romney in final debate

Talking Point
Tue 23 Oct, AT 10:37

Republican was too defensive for many, as polls suggest Obama won final debate – but do voters care about foreign policy?

Turnout critical as polls put Obama and Romney level

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Mon 22 Oct, AT 10:17

Obama is level among likely voters, but ahead among all voters: can he persuade his supporters to turn out?

Romney surges ahead in national poll but Obama can still win it

Fri 19 Oct, AT 09:17
Charles Laurence

Obama's faltering campaign should not surprise us – he has let down his followers on so many fronts

Obama back in play: polls give president 'narrow' debate win

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Wed 17 Oct, AT 08:44

Barack Obama rediscovers his passion while Mitt Romney makes 'binders full of women' gaffe

Biden wins VP debate - but did he go too far in bullying Ryan?

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Fri 12 Oct, AT 09:31

Some observers found Joe Biden too disrespectful but at least there was 'real substance', says NYT

In defence of the 1%: US tycoon urges staff to vote out Obama

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Wed 10 Oct, AT 12:19

Timeshare boss David Siegel explains why his staff owe their livelihoods to his hard work and dedication

Big Bird flap adds to Obama poll woes, but Dems aren't panicking

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Wed 10 Oct, AT 12:06

Sesame Street-themed campaign ad slammed and bad polls pile up, but Romney still has work to do

'Death penalty for children' too much for Arkansas Republicans

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Tue 9 Oct, AT 15:07

Other candidates defend slavery as a 'blessing' for Africans and attack 'criminal' Abraham Lincoln

Romney poll surge: grim for Obama, or par for the course?

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Tue 9 Oct, AT 11:07

Two weeks after he risked alienating half of US with his '47 per cent' remark, Romney is back in the race