US election 2012

Colleen Lachowicz

Republican attack on World of Warcraft Democrat backfires

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Fri 5 Oct, AT 15:20

Gamers defend Democrat Colleen Lachowicz, who has been 'outed' as a level 85 orc on the popular role-playing game


Are Americans now thinking they’d prefer a beer with Romney?

Opinion digest
Fri 5 Oct, AT 11:35

Opinion digest: Obama and Romney’s beer and burger competition, plus Turkish-Syrian relations

Romney thrashes Obama in first debate, but no game changers

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Thu 4 Oct, AT 08:19

Obama seems tired and irritable as Republican’s combative performance gives him big debate win

Has Paul Ryan been calling Mitt Romney 'The Stench'?

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Sep, AT 16:02

Rumour spreads that Ryan has 'gone rogue' after conservatives urge Romney to 'Let Ryan be Ryan'


Mitt Romney and the moochers: it’s all down to Ayn Rand

Wed 19 Sep, AT 08:49
Charles Laurence

Obama quickly exploits Republican’s 47% gaffe, saying president must represent all Americans

Mitt Romney

Romney insults 47% of America: is it all over for Republican?

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Tue 18 Sep, AT 10:05

'Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth,' says Romney in leaked video from fundraising event

Trade showdown looms as US and China flex muscles at home

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Tue 18 Sep, AT 07:19

White House race and China's leader transition put strain on superpowers' trade relations

Barack Obama addresses the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina

Obama finds Bill Clinton and Michelle hard acts to follow

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Fri 7 Sep, AT 11:19

President fails to soar to the rhetorical heights expected of him at the Democratic convention

Scarlett Johansson

Obama pits Scarlett Johansson and co against Clint Eastwood

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Thu 6 Sep, AT 15:38

Johansson and Portman rumoured to be making an appearance at Democratic convention tonight