US election 2012

05 Sep, 2012

First Lady's attack on Mitt Romney at Democratic convention was devastating - without mentioning him once

31 Aug, 2012

Romney tries to shake off his wooden image with a highly personal speech to the Republican convention

31 Aug, 2012

Surprise guest goes wildly off-message at Republican convention before Mitt Romney's big moment

30 Aug, 2012

Analysts surprised that incident of apparent racist abuse has stirred up comparatively little outrage

30 Aug, 2012

Vice-presidential candidate accused of delivering 'misleading indictment of Obama', but GOP loves it

29 Aug, 2012

Sentimental speech leads one US commentator to say Ann Romney is a better speaker than her husband

27 Aug, 2012

As Tropical Storm Isaac delays Tampa convention, Republican challengers face some tough questions

22 Aug, 2012

Does historian have the moral authority to continue at Harvard, asks one economics professor

20 Aug, 2012

Republicans condemn Missouri congressman who has strong links to Romney's pick for VP

13 Aug, 2012

Wisconsin Congressman has given Republicans a fillip, but will he help the campaign?