US election 2012

Obama camp likens Romney VP pick Paul Ryan to Sarah Palin

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Mon 13 Aug, AT 16:06

Wisconsin Congressman has given Republicans a fillip, but will he help the campaign?

Obama that I used to know

Disillusioned voters send up Obama in parody music video

Tue 7 Aug, AT 15:16

'Obama that I used to know', a spoof version of Gotye's hit indie song, is set to go viral

Barack Obama

Obama ahead in key states - but can he hold on to middle class?

Thu 2 Aug, AT 07:55
Charles Laurence

The hot issue for middle-class Americans is not gays in the military or abortion rights – it's survival

US and UK journalists take delight in RomneyShambles

Media Watch
Fri 27 Jul, AT 11:12

'MittHitsTheFan' on Twitter as David Cameron refers to Mitt Romney's 'middle of nowhere' home state

The Olympic hurdles facing Mitt Romney in London

Mon 23 Jul, AT 15:00

Olympics, tax avoidance and the politics of austerity could trip up the Republican hopeful on his UK visit

Sarah Palin

Why Romney has to invite Palin to the Republican convention

Thu 19 Jul, AT 07:18
Charles Laurence

Sarah Palin will overshadow Romney with her charisma, but the Mama Grizzly has the power to ignite the 'base'

Alexander Cockburn

Obamacare victory puts Mitt Romney on the back foot again

Fri 29 Jun, AT 07:44
Alexander Cockburn

Republican candidate blindsided by Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obama's health insurance Act

Back to 1980 as Romney apes Reagan in play for Pentagon

Thu 31 May, AT 10:56
Alexander Cockburn

Mitt Romney follows Reagan's lead as he bids to get the Joint Chiefs of Staff on side

Mitt Romney - Book of Mormon

Romney clinches Republican nomination in Texas primary

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Wed 30 May, AT 09:42

But Donald Trump steals his thunder as he gets involved in birther spat on CNN

Bill Clinton 'told Hillary to run against President Obama'

One-Minute Read
Fri 11 May, AT 12:44

New book alleges that Clinton urged his wife to challenge 'incompetent', 'amateur' Barack Obama