US election 2012

Rick Santorum quits Republican presidential candidate race
11 Apr, 2012

The contest is now certain to be Romney v Obama and latest poll gives the President a 51 to 44 lead

Alexander Cockburn
04 Apr, 2012

One-time liberal now sports all his fellow Republicans' most unalluring features. The Obama camp is not unhappy

Robert De Niro
22 Mar, 2012

Hollywood star forced to apologise after joking about the Republican contenders’ wives

Alexander Cockburn
23 Feb, 2012

He may be the most fanatical Christian contender ever, but at least he's not the blue-collar voter's worst enemy

Baracl Obama sings the blues
22 Feb, 2012

President shows off vocal talents with Sweet Home Chicago at White House concert (video)

20 Feb, 2012

Arizona sheriff steps down to fight claims made by his Mexican immigrant ex-boyfriend

Rick Santorum
08 Feb, 2012

Santorum wins big in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, but Barack Obama is the real victor

Donald Trump backs Mitt Romney
03 Feb, 2012

The Obama team should not take this lightly – Trump may be rich, but he doesn't turn off blue-collar voters

Alexander Cockburn
01 Feb, 2012

A tsunami of Republican money washed into Florida to pay for the execration of the erratic Newt

30 Jan, 2012

Self-styled 'richest Jew in the world' has poured $10m into PAC supporting the faltering candidate