US election 2012

Alexander Cockburn

How Republican establishment blew Gingrich out of the water

Wed 1 Feb, AT 08:24
Alexander Cockburn

A tsunami of Republican money washed into Florida to pay for the execration of the erratic Newt

$10m on Gingrich - Sheldon Adelson's worst gamble?

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Mon 30 Jan, AT 14:13

Self-styled 'richest Jew in the world' has poured $10m into PAC supporting the faltering candidate

Mitt Romney v Newt Gingrich ahead of Florida primary

'Don't be repulsive': Romney rips into Gingrich on TV

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Fri 27 Jan, AT 08:59

Mitt Romney comes out fighting in final debate before crucial Florida primary

Gingrich promises America permanent colony on moon

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Thu 26 Jan, AT 11:17

Newt Skywalker's 2020 vision also includes Mars spacecraft and other Florida-friendly goodies

Alexander Cockburn

Yawn of the union: Romney's tax returns tell us far more

Wed 25 Jan, AT 08:26
Alexander Cockburn

Barack Obama needs to sharpen up his act – this populist economic proposal was just wallpaper

How did Mitt Romney manage to pay just 13.9 per cent tax?

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Tue 24 Jan, AT 16:38

Republican presidential hopeful lived off investment income, but still earned millions

Newt Gingrich

Newt and Callista: oddest couple yet to aim for the White House

Mon 23 Jan, AT 07:31
Charles Laurence

Much will depend on whether the Gingriches can spread their peculiarly American charms beyond the Confederate states

Newt Gingrich

Six reasons why Gingrich won't win the Republican nomination

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Sun 22 Jan, AT 09:54

Triumph in South Carolina - but Newt Gingrich has self-destructive tendencies

Could Gingrich's fury win him the Republican nomination?

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Fri 20 Jan, AT 12:46

Responding to his ex-wife's 'open marriage' claim, Newt comes out swinging – and the crowds love it

Marianne Ginther with Newt Gingrich

Will Newt Gingrich's ex-wife Marianne bring him down?

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Thu 19 Jan, AT 14:15

After claiming she could end his career in one interview, Newt's ex has been talking to ABC