US election 2012

13 Jan, 2012

Gingrich calls out Massachusetts governor for disturbing ability to speak in foreign tongue

Michelle Obama
12 Jan, 2012

She’s black, she’s smart, she’s strong – and we can’t forgive her for it, says US university professor

Mitt Romney
11 Jan, 2012

Like McCain in 2008, Romney looks locked in. Will he give Michele Bachmann the Sarah Palin role?

10 Jan, 2012

With the primaries and caucuses underway, here’s an A-Z of the Republican contenders

Alexander Cockburn
04 Jan, 2012

'Santorum – That's Latin for Asshole' was Bob Kerrey's memorable jibe. Can he exploit the Iowa surge? Doubtful

03 Jan, 2012

Today's Iowa caucus kicks off the process to determine the Republican presidential candidate

22 Dec, 2011

The tide is turning against the current favourite in the Republican race to the White House

21 Dec, 2011

Robocall campaign aimed at US women who have supported Hill before with votes and/or cash

Alexander Cockburn
16 Dec, 2011

Make them work as school janitors, says Gingrich. Why not send them back up the chimney?

13 Dec, 2011

A meat packer’s daughter from small-town Wisconsin, Callista is looking like the new Nancy Reagan