US election 2012

Newt Gingrich battle bus

Romney's Newt nightmare: how Gingrich found the cash

Thu 19 Jan, AT 07:59
Alexander Cockburn

Newt turned up the Zionist rhetoric and persuaded billionaire Sheldon Adelson to fund his attack ads

Rick Perry

Rick Perry defends 'kid' soldiers who urinated on Taliban dead

One-Minute Read
Mon 16 Jan, AT 14:49

Floundering Republican candidate attacks White House's 'over-the-top' rhetoric about army

Shock, horreur! Mitt Romney speaks French, says Newt

Fri 13 Jan, AT 16:25

Gingrich calls out Massachusetts governor for disturbing ability to speak in foreign tongue

Michelle Obama

I am not just an angry black woman, says Michelle Obama

One-Minute Read
Thu 12 Jan, AT 10:00

She’s black, she’s smart, she’s strong – and we can’t forgive her for it, says US university professor

Mitt Romney

US election industry in crisis as Mitt Romney romps home

Wed 11 Jan, AT 07:49
Alexander Cockburn

Like McCain in 2008, Romney looks locked in. Will he give Michele Bachmann the Sarah Palin role?

From far right to moderate: all the US Republican candidates

Tue 10 Jan, AT 10:54

With the primaries and caucuses underway, here’s an A-Z of the Republican contenders

Rick Santorum

Santorum's 'Google problem' and a few more besides

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Thu 5 Jan, AT 11:32

The obscene web entry, the 20-week fetus... US conservative brings some surprising baggage

Alexander Cockburn

Dumb Dick Santorum upsets Mitt Romney masterplan

Wed 4 Jan, AT 07:52
Alexander Cockburn

'Santorum – That's Latin for Asshole' was Bob Kerrey's memorable jibe. Can he exploit the Iowa surge? Doubtful

A guide to the Republican primaries and caucuses

Tue 3 Jan, AT 11:12

Today's Iowa caucus kicks off the process to determine the Republican presidential candidate

Newt Gingrich chased out of Iowa Capitol building

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Thu 22 Dec, AT 10:26

The tide is turning against the current favourite in the Republican race to the White House