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US election 2012

Rick Perry

Rick Perry defends 'kid' soldiers who urinated on Taliban dead

One-Minute Read
Mon 16 Jan, AT 14:49

Floundering Republican candidate attacks White House's 'over-the-top' rhetoric about army

Shock, horreur! Mitt Romney speaks French, says Newt

Fri 13 Jan, AT 16:25

Gingrich calls out Massachusetts governor for disturbing ability to speak in foreign tongue

Michelle Obama

I am not just an angry black woman, says Michelle Obama

One-Minute Read
Thu 12 Jan, AT 10:00

She’s black, she’s smart, she’s strong – and we can’t forgive her for it, says US university professor

Mitt Romney

US election industry in crisis as Mitt Romney romps home

Wed 11 Jan, AT 07:49
Alexander Cockburn

Like McCain in 2008, Romney looks locked in. Will he give Michele Bachmann the Sarah Palin role?

From far right to moderate: all the US Republican candidates

Tue 10 Jan, AT 10:54

With the primaries and caucuses underway, here’s an A-Z of the Republican contenders

Rick Santorum

Santorum's 'Google problem' and a few more besides

First Post
Thu 5 Jan, AT 11:32

The obscene web entry, the 20-week fetus... US conservative brings some surprising baggage

Alexander Cockburn

Dumb Dick Santorum upsets Mitt Romney masterplan

Wed 4 Jan, AT 07:52
Alexander Cockburn

'Santorum – That's Latin for Asshole' was Bob Kerrey's memorable jibe. Can he exploit the Iowa surge? Doubtful

A guide to the Republican primaries and caucuses

Tue 3 Jan, AT 11:12

Today's Iowa caucus kicks off the process to determine the Republican presidential candidate

Newt Gingrich chased out of Iowa Capitol building

First Post
Thu 22 Dec, AT 10:26

The tide is turning against the current favourite in the Republican race to the White House

'Draft Hillary': attempt to push Obama aside looks serious

Wed 21 Dec, AT 08:31
Charles Laurence

Robocall campaign aimed at US women who have supported Hill before with votes and/or cash