SEAL who killed Bin Laden feels abandoned by US govt

First Post Tue 12 Feb, AT 09:26

He killed the terrorist leader with three bullets, but former sniper has no pension or health insurance

Revealed: CIA has secret drone base in Saudi Arabia

First Reaction Wed 6 Feb, AT 14:52

US newspaper ends 'self-censorship' to expose drone base CIA uses to kill al-Qaeda militants

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean up

BP faces largest fine in US history over Gulf oil spill

One-Minute Read Thu 15 Nov, AT 09:10

Oil giant is hoping to draw a line under Deepwater Horizon disaster by paying fine, but civil lawsuits are bound to follow

Kim Dotcom's latest wheeze: free broadband for all Kiwis

One-Minute Read Mon 5 Nov, AT 10:53

Internet entrepreneur plans cable across the Pacific - and aims to pay for it by suing US government

US sues Bank of America for $1bn

One-Minute Read Thu 25 Oct, AT 14:41

Lender accused of saddling taxpayers with losses by misrepresenting quality of home loans

Ten years of misery have been lifted, says Gary McKinnon

Summary Wed 17 Oct, AT 10:14

But while the Pentagon hacker speaks of his relief, White House calls Theresa May's decision 'frustrating'

JPMorgan boss hits back over 'unfair' Bear Stearns lawsuit

First Post Thu 11 Oct, AT 08:06

We did you a favour rescuing Bear Stearns, Jamie Dimon tells US government

Are we at risk from terrorists using bird flu bioweapons?

One-Minute Read Thu 22 Dec, AT 16:17

US government accused of stifling scientific research for fear of it falling into wrong hands