US military

Anthrax hazard suits
28 May, 2015

Army base in Utah was developing a test to identify biological threats and thought samples were dead

13 Mar, 2015

African elephants have an unparalleled sense of smell and are better than sniffer dogs because they never forget

Telephone mast
04 Sep, 2014

Investigation finds 17 rogue towers around the country, some of which appear to be built on US military bases

09 Jan, 2014

Experts say bird may have been sucked into engines of low-flying Pave Hawk before it plummeted to ground

Wildcat robot
08 Oct, 2013

Meet Wildcat, the uncanny military mechanoid that looks like a giant flea and runs like a dog

04 Feb, 2013

Speculation the Navy Seal sniper was killed at Texas rifle range by former Marine with PTSD

07 Sep, 2012

Followers of Scientology offer quack therapy to Vietnamese victims of US chemical weapon

04 Sep, 2012

Thirteen activists, including eight who received life sentences, are offered no reprieve by regime

15 Aug, 2012

An aircraft capable of Mach 6 is first step in an American dream to attack anywhere in the world in under an hour

10 Aug, 2012

But some say clean-up of deadly Vietnam War-era chemical is too little, too late