Telephone mast

Mysterious 'fake' phone towers discovered in the US

One-Minute Read Thu 4 Sep, AT 09:24

Investigation finds 17 rogue towers around the country, some of which appear to be built on US military bases

Did birds cause US helicopter to crash in Norfolk marshland?

One-Minute Read Thu 9 Jan, AT 09:20

Experts say bird may have been sucked into engines of low-flying Pave Hawk before it plummeted to ground

Wildcat robot

Bizarre galloping robot joins US military - video

Video Tue 8 Oct, AT 10:45

Meet Wildcat, the uncanny military mechanoid that looks like a giant flea and runs like a dog

Chris Kyle, America's deadliest military sniper, shot dead

First Reaction Mon 4 Feb, AT 10:04

Speculation the Navy Seal sniper was killed at Texas rifle range by former Marine with PTSD

Scientologists treat Vietnamese Agent Orange victims

One-Minute Read Fri 7 Sep, AT 14:33

Followers of Scientology offer quack therapy to Vietnamese victims of US chemical weapon

Global outrage as Bahrain court upholds protesters’ convictions

First Reaction Tue 4 Sep, AT 12:31

Thirteen activists, including eight who received life sentences, are offered no reprieve by regime

Waverider: why does Pentagon want a hypersonic aircraft?

Briefing Wed 15 Aug, AT 16:00

An aircraft capable of Mach 6 is first step in an American dream to attack anywhere in the world in under an hour

US starts Agent Orange clean-up in Vietnam after 40 years

First Reaction Fri 10 Aug, AT 15:09

But some say clean-up of deadly Vietnam War-era chemical is too little, too late

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods wanted to quit golf and become Navy Seal

One-Minute Read Thu 1 Mar, AT 10:25

Golfer was 'in his prime' when he considered following father's footsteps with military career

US military step closer to using cyborg moths as spies

One-Minute Read Thu 9 Feb, AT 15:14

Scientists at MIT have fitted hawkmoth with tiny probe, wireless transmitter and battery pack