US Navy

Charles Laurence
18 Mar, 2014

Will the Seals' Mediterranean adventure help restore their 'super-hero' reputation after Osama revelation?

12 Feb, 2013

He killed the terrorist leader with three bullets, but former sniper has no pension or health insurance

04 Dec, 2012

Is the age of the drone nearly over? Iran and US dispute 'capture' of another unmanned craft

23 Oct, 2012

Republican was too defensive for many, as polls suggest Obama won final debate – but do voters care about foreign policy?

Crispin Black
12 Sep, 2012

Perpetrators could have staged a road accident – instead it seems they were trying to send a message

16 Aug, 2012

New anti-Obama film compared to infamous Swift Boat video that scuppered John Kerry bid

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
05 Apr, 2012

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged mastermind of attacks, and four others face death penalty

Jessica Buchanan rescue
26 Jan, 2012

A new strategy of small, cost-effective military outposts made Jessica Buchanan's rescue feasible

23 Dec, 2011

The gay homecoming kiss is worth celebrating, but the military continues to struggle with diversity