SEAL who killed Bin Laden feels abandoned by US govt

First Post Tue 12 Feb, AT 09:26

He killed the terrorist leader with three bullets, but former sniper has no pension or health insurance

Iran claims second US drone capture in a year

First Reaction Tue 4 Dec, AT 15:20

Is the age of the drone nearly over? Iran and US dispute 'capture' of another unmanned craft

Obama bayonets defensive Romney in final debate

Talking Point Tue 23 Oct, AT 10:37

Republican was too defensive for many, as polls suggest Obama won final debate – but do voters care about foreign policy?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Who are the 9/11 suspects and what are they charged with?

Briefing Thu 5 Apr, AT 08:45

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged mastermind of attacks, and four others face death penalty

Lesbian sailors' kiss a sign of change but more needed

Talking Point Fri 23 Dec, AT 11:03

The gay homecoming kiss is worth celebrating, but the military continues to struggle with diversity

USS Ronald Reagan

Chinese missile threatens US Navy’s Pacific fleet

News Wed 18 Nov, AT 09:39

World’s first anti-ship ballistic missile could prevent US from protecting Taiwan