Childbirth in the UK

The 29 countries where giving birth is safer than in the UK

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Tue 5 May, AT 15:46

British mothers six times as likely to die in childbirth or pregnancy as women in Belarus, says charity

Cuba does not sponsor terror says US, as relations thaw

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Wed 15 Apr, AT 11:36

The 'significant message of confidence' is crucial step in improving relations between the two countries

Iran nuclear talks: 'tricky issues' remain as deadline looms

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Tue 31 Mar, AT 08:54

Deal to curb Iran's ability to build a nuclear bomb could 'scarcely be more sensitive or difficult'

Who can stop Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders faces uphill struggle

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Thu 14 May, AT 11:03

The 73-year-old is among a handful of potential Democratic nominees listed in presidential polls

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro

Why has Obama declared Venezuela a national security threat?

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Tue 10 Mar, AT 13:20

Venezuela joins Iran and Syria on the threat list, as Washington issues latest round of sanctions against officials

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert after the attack

US ambassador to South Korea attacked with knife

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Thu 5 Mar, AT 09:32

Suspect said he attacked the ambassador to protest against the annual military exercises by South Korea and the US

Abid Naseer

Manchester bomb plotter Abid Naseer found guilty in US

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Thu 5 Mar, AT 09:05

Man who planned to bring 'carnage' to the Arndale Centre was arrested in UK but later released

Adultery laws: where is cheating still illegal?

Fri 27 Feb, AT 11:34

Several Muslim countries and almost half of all US states still consider adultery a criminal offence

Iran blows up replica US aircraft carrier – video

Wed 25 Feb, AT 14:14

Revolutionary Guard stage war games including a gunboat assault on a model US warship

School children rock out to Led Zeppelin – on marimbas

Wed 25 Feb, AT 12:40

Jimmy Page endorses Kentucky schoolchildren's xylophone and marimba cover of Kashmir