The CIA seal
25 Jul, 2014

Agencies don't need 'concrete facts' to label individuals terrorists – so how are people watchlisted?

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev
23 Jul, 2014

Russia says US and EU sanctions are 'absolutely unacceptable' and warns of reprisals

Israeli military planes fly over flags
23 Jul, 2014

US and European airlines cancel flights to Tel Aviv after rocket lands one mile from Ben Gurion airport

15 Jul, 2014

'Yes, we're serious' say German MPs considering a return to old fashioned methods after US spy row

15 Jul, 2014

New law criminalising drug use during pregnancy is 'well-intentioned' but dangerous, say doctors

A jar of medical marijuana
19 Jun, 2015

A tide of support for legalising drugs seems to be rising around the world. Could it work here too?

Robert Fox
04 Jul, 2014

One of Cameron's advisers remarked: 'We thought Isis was in retreat at the end of last year'…

Julian Green and Michael Bradley
02 Jul, 2014

US fans celebrate goalkeeper Tim Howard as rest of the world tips its cap to America

Tim Howard USA goalkeeper
02 Jul, 2014

World Cup whispers: Howard's heroics, Europe back in the game, Neymar fitness fears

USA football squad
27 Jun, 2014

The runners up in Groups G and H have both been on a footballing journey in Brazil