vo nguyen giap

Vo Nguyen Giap: Vietnam's hero and US nemesis dies aged 102

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Fri 4 Oct, AT 16:00

Self-taught general dubbed 'Red Napoleon' was credited with forcing France and US out of Vietnam

Ben Ainslie: Team Oracle USA

America's Cup: Ainslie-led US crew nears historic win

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Wed 25 Sep, AT 11:45

British sailor guides Oracle team to seven straight wins over shell-shocked New Zealand

Syria crisis: Loss of vote 'devastating blow' to PM

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Fri 30 Aug, AT 07:16

US vows to make its own decision about attack on Assad regime after Commons defeat

Edward Snowden 'negotiating a return to the US'

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Wed 4 Mar, AT 09:47

The fugitive whistleblower is ready to go home if he is guaranteed a free and impartial trial, says his lawyer

US condemns Assad for using Hezbollah to retake Qusair

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Thu 6 Jun, AT 09:15

White House calls on Iran-backed Hezbollah to get out of Syria as battle for Aleppo approaches

Apple boss Tim Cook: We pay every dollar of taxes we owe

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Wed 22 May, AT 11:04

CEO says tech giant is proud to be American after accusations of tax avoidance

US deficit in surprise fall

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Wed 15 May, AT 12:35

'You don’t want to use the progress we are making as an excuse not to fix the problem'

Israel air strikes prompt US and Russia to seek Syria deal

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Wed 8 May, AT 09:27

Pledge of peace talks driven by fears that push to remove Assad regime is destabilising the region

North Korea nuclear test 'a clear threat to world peace'

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Tue 12 Feb, AT 09:10

As UN Security Council prepares for emergency meeting, the big question is whether China will lose its patience