12 Sep, 2008

Pakistan is furious at illegal US strikes against the Taliban on its territory, says Robert Fox

12 Sep, 2008

Barack Obama has gone from ‘sure bet’ to defensive candidate in the space of a fortnight

11 Sep, 2008

Her ‘pro-life’ supporters have no reason to be self-congratulatory, says Minette Marrin

10 Sep, 2008

John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate is inexcusable

09 Sep, 2008

Todd Palin is hailed as a ‘true Alaskan’. It’s not necessarily being meant as a compliment

09 Sep, 2008

Ordinary Americans are footing the bill for the credit crunch, says Philip Delves Broughton

04 Sep, 2008

You can understand why McCain picked her, but the Republicans need more than a soap opera

02 Sep, 2008

Britain’s international reputation is so bad even the US is sidelining its former poodle, says Robert Fox

27 Aug, 2008

It’s laughable to see Afghanistan as the winnable front of the war on terror, says Matthew Carr