01 Jun, 2012

In an era of proliferation, the UK might well need a new nuclear weapon – but we seem to be ploughing ahead without a debate

31 May, 2012

Mitt Romney follows Reagan's lead as he bids to get the Joint Chiefs of Staff on side

Homs child, Syria
30 May, 2012

Britain, France and the US expel Syrian diplomats after weekend atrocity as calls for military intervention grow

Alexander Cockburn
25 May, 2012

White births are no longer a majority in the US, but it will be a while before Wasp-dom loosens its grip on power

10 May, 2012

Humiliating turnaround for Cameron as Ministry of Defence reverts to Labour’s original plan

Fabio Capello
04 May, 2012

Meanwhile, Hodgson is set to recruit former colleague Ray Lewington from Fulham

Rupert Murdoch
12 Apr, 2012

London lawyer Mark Lewis takes victims' legal fight to the doorstep of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp