Dai Greene competes in the London Olympics

Doping scandal looms over world's top athletes

First Post Wed 7 Aug, AT 11:27

With the Moscow championships about to start, a warning that athletics are as drug-riddled as cycling used to be

Mo Farah Usain Bolt

A new challenge for Bolt as Farah suggests 600m charity race

First Reaction Mon 29 Jul, AT 11:44

Race between Olympic champions could become a reality, but are Bolt's powers on the wane?

Usain Bolt: I run fast because of my talent - not drugs

First Post Fri 26 Jul, AT 08:30

As fellow Jamaican athletes are mired in doping scandals, Bolt tells London: 'I'm clean'

Dark day for athletics as Gay and Powell fail drugs tests

First Reaction Mon 15 Jul, AT 08:05

Eagerly awaited head-to-head between Gay and Bolt is now off as American awaits B sample test

Usain Bolt stays cool after losing to Justin Gatlin in 100m shock

First Post Fri 7 Jun, AT 09:48

'You learn more from losing. You can't win every race in your career,' says Bolt after Rome Golden Gala

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt to get £500,000 for London Olympics re-run

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Apr, AT 12:40

Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford will also star, but Oscar Pistorius is banned

Frozen swimming pool jump fails to break the ice - video

Video Fri 19 Oct, AT 15:48

German's cannonball effort fails spectacularly on thick ice


The Paralympics are exploited to make the disabled feel guilty

Opinion digest Fri 31 Aug, AT 10:29

Opinion digest: the Paralympics, education visas, and political wives