Verizon buys AOL

Why has Verizon bought AOL for $4.4bn?

One-Minute Read
Wed 13 May, AT 12:27

Verizon to become a 'one-stop shop' for internet services and entertainment

Vodafone Verizon windfall to hit London 'like a meteor'

Personal Finance
Fri 28 Feb, AT 15:50

But fruits of massive corporate deal will leave investors with a dilemma

Verizon poised for biggest-ever debt sale, with $49bn of bonds

Wed 11 Sep, AT 12:59

US telecoms group begins bonds sell-off as it prepares for purchase of 45% Verizon Wireless stake

Obama phone call surveillance 'scandal' - five key questions

Thu 6 Jun, AT 16:23

Revelation NSA was given data from tens of millions of phone calls could be 'devastating' for Obama

Vodafone 'on the verge of one of biggest deals ever' with Verizon

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Mon 3 Jun, AT 12:09

Mobile providers in 'stand-off' over deal, which could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars

FTSE100 City shares

Dow Jones at new high as FTSE retreats

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Thu 7 Mar, AT 08:58

Boost for US index came as the FTSE falls

Computer Hacker

American IT specialist caught outsourcing job to Chinese

One-Minute Read
Wed 16 Jan, AT 14:16

A working-class hero for 2013: US company's star programmer paid others to do his job


Google and Verizon near net neutrality deal

Thu 5 Aug, AT 17:30

Outrage from campaigners as big companies agree a deal that could lead to two-tier mobile internet