Victoria and Albert Museum

Muriel Maxwell, American Vogue
08 Sep, 2014

Survey of Horst P. Horst's photos immerses viewers in a world of dreamy elegance

21 Mar, 2013

Costumes, photographs, graphics... the show provides a ringing endorsement of Bowie's 'pure stardom'

20 Mar, 2013

London museum pulls plug on 'grindcore' concert after report suggests building and artefacts at risk

One-Minute Read
18 Mar, 2013

Singer's comeback is complete thanks to first No. 1 in 20 years and demand for V&A retrospective

22 Oct, 2012

London blockbuster stars John Travolta's disco suit and Audrey Hepburn's little black Tiffany's dress

05 Sep, 2012

Chairing the Arts Council 'is about lifting public taste not reducing it to the level of the sewer' says Strong

Saturday Night Fever - John Travolta
One-Minute Read
07 Aug, 2012

V&A launched search for iconic outfit to include in upcoming Hollywood Costumes show

Mary Quant fashion
29 Mar, 2012

Remarkable works by David Hockney and Richard Hamilton make up for 'state-sponsored' Dyson and iMac