Victoria's Secret

'Knicker Queen' Schaffer quits M&S after only three months

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Wed 17 Apr, AT 15:41

Why Janie Schaffer resigned, causing another headache for M&S chief Bolland as clothing sales fall

Justin Bieber believes split from Selena Gomez is a 'blip'

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Mon 12 Nov, AT 12:39

Tabloid tales: Justin & Selena not over, One Direction 'not live' on X Factor, Katy Perry's Obama pants

Rihanna tweets good luck to Chris Brown before court hearing

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Tue 25 Sep, AT 13:36

Tabloid tales: Rihanna tells Brown 'I'm praying for you', Gaga slams Pope, Victoria's Secret's racist underwear

Nude photos of model Miranda Kerr leaked online

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Tabloid tales: early pics of Victoria's Secret model – plus Arnie Schwarzenegger's taste in male pin-ups

Seven not-so-secret secrets of Victoria's Secret

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Mon 6 Aug, AT 11:10

US lingerie giant is set to open its Bond Street store – so why are the neighbours complaining?

Mary Beard

Mary Beard takes AA Gill to task over 'carping sexism'

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Tue 24 Apr, AT 14:55

Historian exacts revenge in the Daily Mail after Sunday Times critic says she should not be allowed on TV

Victoria's Secret: the child labour behind the cotton

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Thu 15 Dec, AT 16:28

Lingerie brand Victoria's Secret uses Fair Trade cotton – produced by child labourers