Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball video: parable or 'porn'?

Talking Point Thu 12 Sep, AT 15:52

Singer insists it has deeper meaning, but critics say it encourages young women to 'objectify themselves'

Toronto mayor 'crack cocaine' row: website tries to buy video

Media Watch Tue 21 May, AT 14:56

Gawker tries to raise $200,000 to buy video footage that allegedly shows Rob Ford smoking crack

Viral world: what caught fire on the internet this week

First Post Fri 15 Feb, AT 15:22

From the Harlem shake to a Russian meteor plus a middle-aged couple rappin' for Jesus

North Korea release video showing US city in flames

Video Tue 5 Feb, AT 15:33

‘9/11 style’ clip posted on YouTube by rogue state shows ‘the nest of wickedness’ ablaze

Two dead in ‘catastrophic’ Texas Thanksgiving pile-up - video

Video Fri 23 Nov, AT 08:24

More than 150 vehicles were involved in a series of collisions in dense fog on Thanksgiving morning

Felix Baumgartner: five other crazy flying stunts (videos)

Video Mon 15 Oct, AT 11:19

The Austrian has set dozens of world records, from the earth’s tallest buildings to the arms of Jesus

Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad pushes mascot at European Championships

Runner caught on camera attacking teenage mascot

Video Wed 4 Jul, AT 15:12

French steeplechaser filmed shoving 14-year-old girl in suit after winning gold in Euro Championships

Shia LaBeouf's penis stars in Sigur Ros music video

The Tabloids Tue 19 Jun, AT 13:17

Red top tales: Shia LaBoeuf's nude music debut and Kim Kardashian says she took the pill at 14

Justin Bieber Boyfriend video, Chunky Bieber

Justin Bieber Boyfriend video causes turmoil on Twitter

Video Fri 4 May, AT 12:57

Singing, rapping and dancing pop star releases new clip featuring fat friend Chunky Bieber

Globe Tavern in the Falkland Islands

Argentina claims Falklands in 'disrespectful' Olympic video

Video Fri 4 May, AT 09:00

'To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil' says stirring advert, filmed in 'Las Malvinas'