Vince Cable

The Mole
08 Oct, 2014

Far from quitting as some had predicted, Clegg even takes a swipe at Vince ‘Enemy of the Tories’ Cable

The Mole
06 Aug, 2014

How to ruin a prime minister's holiday: walk out on principle and get other Tories to take your side

Driveless car in London
20 Jul, 2015

Britain commits £100m to research into 'intelligent mobility' to make Britain the best place to test driverless cars

14 Jul, 2014

And there's one grey-haired old lag who can't be sacked despite his many faux-pas - Vince Cable

London houses
12 Mar, 2015

Properties in the capital are bucking the house-price trend, but likely to become 'more unaffordable' in the medium term

29 May, 2014

Nick Clegg says he's satisfied Business Secretary did not betray him. But why did Cable not tip him off?

The Mole
17 Mar, 2014

He needs the money – and he needs to refute Labour's charge that he's only out to help the rich

Vince Cable
05 Mar, 2014

Cameron accused of two cover-ups at once – over immigration impact report and No 10 aide's arrest

05 Feb, 2014

Chancellor defends Help to Buy scheme but says more needs to be done to tackle housing imbalance

07 Jan, 2014

Twin attacks on Tory policy by Clegg and Cable make it easier for PM to please his backbenchers