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Vince Cable

Coalition cracks: is Cameron secretly happy about it?

Tue 7 Jan, AT 10:28
The Mole

Twin attacks on Tory policy by Clegg and Cable make it easier for PM to please his backbenchers

Vince Cable: PM's plan to cut immigration is unachievable

One-Minute Read
Tue 7 Jan, AT 08:53

Business secretary speaks out as survey finds that three-quarters of people want curbs in immigration

Vince Cable

Vince Cable attack on 'panicked' Tories will 'poison' coalition

First Reaction
Mon 23 Dec, AT 10:41

Business secretary 'infuriates' Tory MPs by linking migrant crackdown to 'racist' Enoch Powell speech

Nick Clegg

Lib Dem wealth tax leak: new levy on £50k earners proposed

Mon 16 Sep, AT 14:46
The Mole

Private document wrongly sent to press, shows Lib Dems count anyone earning £50,000 a year as rich


Nick Clegg tries to ignore Vince Cable split as Lib Dems sink fast

Mon 16 Sep, AT 10:29
The Mole

Cable could still do a deal with Labour at the next election - but 'Tory' Clegg would find it difficult now

Zero hours contracts: flexible and sensible - or exploitative?

Talking Point
Tue 6 Aug, AT 16:21

Vince Cable under pressure to tackle zero hours issue – but he appears to be siding with employers

Go home or go to jail: warning to immigrants divides coalition

Mon 29 Jul, AT 10:04
The Mole

Vince Cable attacks Home Office ploy as report shows immigration stats are 'little better than a best guess'

Olympic rings London 2012 opening ceremony

Olympics: note of caution over £9.9bn economy boost claim

One-Minute Read
Fri 19 Jul, AT 09:14

Report says economic legacy of the Games could rise to £41bn – but can we trust the figures?

Vince Cable

Cable warns of UK's 'zombie companies' heading for bust

One-Minute Read
Tue 16 Jul, AT 12:15

Cable says we need new insolvency laws to cope with companies that will go under when interest rates rise