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Vince Cable

Vince Cable

Immigration speech: PM right to put Tories first

Thu 14 Apr, AT 12:47
The Mole

The Mole: Cameron highlights coalition divide once again - this time on immigration

Olympic stadium

Cable ‘least popular’ as Lib Dems are mocked

Fri 4 Mar, AT 13:59

Nearly half of Tories think coalition is bad for their party, as Twitter mocks Lib Dems

Vince Cable

Cable bids to ease hire‘n’fire process

Thu 27 Jan, AT 10:54

Business Digest: Cable wants two-year period during which employees can be dismissed without rights

Vince Cable and Michael Gove

Who'll go first? Cable? Lansley? Gove? Hague?

Wed 5 Jan, AT 11:21

As Cameron tries to hold his fragile coalition together, Linda Palermo launches a New Year guessing game

The First Post Awards

Presenting: The First Post People of the Year awards

Thu 23 Dec, AT 14:56

What links Julian Assange, Vince Cable and Lady Gaga? They're all winners of the coveted First Post awards


BSkyB shares rocket after Vince Cable fiasco

Thu 23 Dec, AT 09:59

Business Digest: Murdoch takeover chances hugely improved after Cable is removed from decision