Vince Cable

Clegg, Cable face an angry Lib Dem mob in Liverpool

Fri 17 Sep, AT 17:36
The Mole

The Mole: 'I am not a Tory' is not enough. Look for first signs of the party factions going their separate ways

Vince Cable

Cable ‘angry’ at Diamond Barclays promotion

Wed 8 Sep, AT 14:55

Business Digest: Lib Dem business secretary said to be fuming at elevation of hot-shot investment banker

Vince Cable

Cable warns City: I’ll tie bonuses to banks’ lending

Mon 26 Jul, AT 10:47

Business Digest: Vince Cable today outlines plans to encourage banks to lend more

British banks bail-out

Vince Cable says banks are ‘ripping off’ customers

Mon 19 Jul, AT 09:39

Business Digest: BBC documentary finds people are paying up to 167 per cent on unauthorised overdrafts

First cracks: now Clegg needs to protect Cable

Thu 13 May, AT 18:49
The Mole

The Mole: Osborne makes clear that he not Vince Cable will be overseeing banking reform

George Osborne

Clarke or Cable could beat Osborne to the Treasury

Mon 15 Feb, AT 07:34
The Mole

The Mole: Two reasons why George Osborne could well be dropped as Tory Chancellor