Vince Cable

Vince Cable ‘occasionally slips his electronic tag’ says Tory

One-Minute Read Fri 23 Nov, AT 12:19

Business minister Michael Fallon pokes fun at his boss's 'responsible capitalism' stance

Why George Osborne is forced to ignore Cable on homes tax

Tue 20 Nov, AT 09:21 Richard Ehrman

A council tax revaluation could hit seven million homes just before the next election. Bad idea

Vince Cable

Cable: Inland Revenue needs to take a close look at Starbucks

One-Minute Read Mon 19 Nov, AT 10:02

‘Best off in society have to contribute more – and that includes companies,’ says Business Secretary


Whose side is he on? Heseltine calls for concrete plan for growth

Wed 31 Oct, AT 10:24 The Mole

Heseltine's call for regional powers is anathema to Tories who cheered the abolition of Labour's measures

Crispin Black

Generals' offer to lobby for cash is a tragedy for the British Army

Mon 15 Oct, AT 07:55 Crispin Black

Gen Dannatt wanted £100,000 for two days a month. A frontline private earns £17,000 for a seven-day week

Richard Ehrman

Do Lib Dems really want to be the party that soaks the middle class?

Wed 26 Sep, AT 08:11 Richard Ehrman

The mansion tax and other unspecified impositions risk putting the Lib Dems to the Left of Labour

'Pleb' Cable taunts Tories as poll shows he would boost Lib Dems

First Post Tue 25 Sep, AT 11:36

The business secretary delivered a 'withering attack' on his coalition partners, dubbing them right-wing 'headbangers'

Cable unveils state-backed bank to give £10bn to businesses

One-Minute Read Mon 24 Sep, AT 09:25

Business secretary wants to make money available to businesses shut out by high street banks


Will Nick Clegg choke on his tuition fees humble pie?

Thu 20 Sep, AT 07:30 The Mole

There's no easy way to say this, Nick, but it looks like Vince Cable might have been blaming you for tuition fees fiasco