Vince Cable


Cameron stands by deadbeat Lansley – but for how long?

Wed 8 Feb, AT 08:36
The Mole

New YouGov poll putting Labour five points ahead shows Cameron out of step with public

Vince Cable

Will Cable's plan stop fat cats being rewarded for failure? No

Talking Point
Tue 24 Jan, AT 11:57

If the government was serious, it would set a maximum wage. Which is not going to happen

Cable welcomes report which slams excessive executive pay

One-Minute Read
Tue 22 Nov, AT 08:59

High Pay Commission report calling for employees to have a say on salaries will be taken seriously

Imports exports containers docks

New London ‘super-port’ to bring in £3.2bn

Tue 4 Oct, AT 13:52

Business digest: Owners of the London Gateway port expect huge shipping terminal will open in 2013

Vince Cable

Vince Cable heavy on gloom, light on strategy

Tue 20 Sep, AT 13:22

Talking Point: Cable’s gloomy outlook has businessmen ‘reaching for the pearl-handled revolver’

Vince Cable

Cable slams banks, Israeli embassy stormed, Fassbender wins in Venice

Sun 11 Sep, AT 12:17

Pick of the news reports and comment from the Sunday newspapers

piggy bank broken

Bank reforms: no excuse for delay

Wed 31 Aug, AT 14:36

Vince Cable wants to force through reforms to the banking sector, despite the economic turbulence. Is he right?

Vince Cable

Cable: banking reform must go ahead despite slowdown

Wed 31 Aug, AT 10:07

Business digest: Vince Cable slaps down banks' claims that reform will derail economic recovery

James Murdoch

Have the Murdochs saved Rebekah and BSkyB? No

Fri 8 Jul, AT 15:43

As Andy Coulson and Clive Goodman are arrested, the Murdochs are not yet out of the trees

Vince Cable

Blame it on Vince Cable and the Telegraph girls

Thu 7 Jul, AT 08:51
The Mole

David Cameron would not be so deep in the BSkyB mess if it hadn’t been for Cable’s idle boasting