Basejumping into a pool

Viral videos with 5by: basejumping into a rooftop pool

Video Fri 17 Oct, AT 15:28

Five of the best viral videos of the week, hand-picked by our video partner 5by

Interpretive dancing: the only way to quit your job - video

Video Tue 1 Oct, AT 13:38

All you need is a video camera, some Kanye West, and an empty office - oh and the moves of course

Shark video 'hero' sacked: he was supposed to be sick

Video Tue 12 Mar, AT 14:45

Paul Marshallsea was on stress leave when he was filmed 'wrestling' a shark on a Queensland beach

Video of African boy triggered hunt for 'New Justin Bieber'

One-Minute Read Thu 24 Jan, AT 11:32

Record companies scoured South Africa for Vicus Visser after the 10-year old's video went viral

Red panda surprise: zookeeper puts his foot in it - video

Video Tue 20 Nov, AT 13:39

Hilarious video of red panda nearly jumping out of its fur is viral hit

Frozen swimming pool jump fails to break the ice - video

Video Fri 19 Oct, AT 15:48

German's cannonball effort fails spectacularly on thick ice