NZ's 'Mount Doom' set to erupt - hobbits told to stay away

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Nov, AT 11:20

Ruapehu, used to depict Mordor hell hole in the Lord of the Rings films, could be about to blow


Giant 'balloon of magma' grows under Santorini volcano

One-Minute Read
Mon 10 Sep, AT 15:34

Volcano that destroyed an ancient civilisation has pushed Greek island upwards by 14cm in one year

Shinmoedake volcano erupts in Japan

Thu 3 Feb, AT 13:28

‘More violent eruptions could take place’, say scientists (with video)

Grimsvotn volcano

Grimsvotn could be the new volcanic ash threat

Wed 3 Nov, AT 16:31

Eyjafjallajokull may be officially dormant, but scientists say Grimsvotn shows signs of erupting