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Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, US election

The stay-up-all-night guide to the US presidential election

Tue 6 Nov, AT 15:25

The Week’s hour-by-hour breakdown of what to watch for as the election results come through from the States

Prison cell

UK prisoners must get the vote this year rules ECHR

One-Minute Read
Wed 23 May, AT 14:00

But European Court of Human Rights says convicts can still be banned from voting on a case-by-case basis

David Cameron - Labour punish Coalition in local elections

Labour punish Coalition in England and Wales

First Reaction
Fri 4 May, AT 14:35

But results in Scotland and London mayoral race might yet rain on Miliband's parade


The lunatics are taking over the asylum

Mon 22 Jun, AT 16:27

The masses must be respected, for they are the masters now

Why Gordon Brown wants vote reform

Wed 10 Jun, AT 11:46

The Mole: Plans for a new electoral system are not an idle distraction – they are deadly serious, explains our Westminster insider

Nick Griffin BNP

What they are saying about: The BNP

Wed 3 Jun, AT 13:12