Tesco slashes dividends and issues third profit warning of the year

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Fri 29 Aug, AT 12:25

Supermarket faces cutbacks as new boss is 'parachuted' in to help improve performance

Sainsbury's sales rise but Lidl and Aldi 'win Christmas battle'

Wed 8 Jan, AT 10:37

Supermarkets report record sales for the Christmas period, with winners at both ends of the market

John Lewis

John Lewis profits down 40% despite strong sales

Fri 13 Sep, AT 13:16

Miscalculation of holiday pay led to £47.3m pay-out to employees, counteracting company's sales surge

Ready Meal boss insures taste, touch, smell and sight for £12m

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Tue 11 Jun, AT 10:32

Charlie Bigham is banned from licking food off a knife or eating hot chillies under the new agreement


Waitrose 'giving Ocado cold shoulder after Morrisons deal'

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Thu 23 May, AT 10:15

'Sometimes a parent doesn't like it when the child grows up,' claims Ocado boss Tim Steiner

Morrisons seal online shopping deal with Ocado

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Fri 17 May, AT 10:50

Grocer to make first foray into online world - but how will Waitrose react to Ocado's deal with its rival?


Ocado risks Waitrose walk-out

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Mon 13 May, AT 13:33

'Why do Ocado think Waitrose would be happy to see them introduce competition into the marketplace?'


Waitrose wins Eurostar contract

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Mon 29 Apr, AT 12:50

'This is a very exciting opportunity for us to work with such a prestigious brand' supermarket says


Morrisons plans online home delivery service after profits fall

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Thu 14 Mar, AT 10:34

Supermarket giant follows Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda onto the web after first profit drop in six years

'Religious' Easter egg on sale after bishops 'pester' shops

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Mon 4 Mar, AT 13:00

The only egg to mention Jesus on its packaging will be sold by all but one of the big supermarkets