Barack Obama

Bankers’ bonuses are bad, the White House clarifies

News Fri 12 Feb, AT 12:37

What President Obama meant to say to Bloomberg about 'obscene' Wall St bonuses

Barack Obama

US bankers moan at high cost of Obama’s new tax

News Fri 15 Jan, AT 11:23

War on bankers will only rebound on customers, warns Wall Street

Wall Street

Banker fury as Obama unveils new risk tax

News Thu 14 Jan, AT 07:53

President wants to raise $100bn over ten years to pay off TARP deficit

Gherkin; City of London

Banks get round bonus tax to lure back staff

News Mon 11 Jan, AT 07:26

Because banks are basically government guaranteed, it’s now a stable job again

Wall Street

Top economists paint gloomy picture for 2010

News Tue 5 Jan, AT 07:15

Don't be fooled by the occasional good numbers, warn Krugman and Co