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Former British Prime Minister John Major

John Major praises 'guts and drive' of immigrants in the UK

One-Minute Read
Tue 12 Aug, AT 14:16

Former PM's tone on immigration contrasts with that of Cameron, who has launched crackdown on 'benefit tourism'


Blood, sweat and tears: no end in sight to austerity measures

Wed 5 Dec, AT 17:04
The Mole

George Osborne hits benefit claimants hardest - but many middle-class taxpayers will suffer too


Osborne should not give up on austerity plan, say most Brits

Mon 3 Dec, AT 13:38
The Mole

YouGov poll shows Osborne has public on his side if he wants to freeze – or even reduce - benefits


PM 'aims to create 60 new Tory peers' to stop more defeats

Tue 24 Jan, AT 09:21
The Mole

Rumours rife that David Cameron plans to pack the Lords with new Tories in a bid to 'stop the rot'

Iain Duncan-Smith

It is morally and practically right to cap welfare payments

Talking Point
Mon 23 Jan, AT 11:59

But what about recouping the billions paid to families earning ABOVE the national average?


Back-pedalling Duncan Smith tries to head off Lords revolt

Mon 23 Jan, AT 10:15
The Mole

Benefit cap will not harm those who want to work - 'I am not here to punish them,' says IDS