Welfare reform


Thatcher handbags Ed Miliband from beyond the grave

Tue 9 Apr, AT 10:35
The Mole

Problem for Labour's leader is that the Thatcher dissidents – Scargill, Kinnock, Hatton – sound like political pygmies


As polls back welfare reform, Miliband sticks to tax bashing

Mon 8 Apr, AT 13:03
The Mole

Labour leader concentrates on the 'unfair' tax cuts for those earning more than £150,000 a year

Disability benefit reform: what is PIP and why is it controversial?

Mon 8 Apr, AT 09:16

Critics say Iain Duncan Smith's reforms will turn back the clock for disabled people - but IDS denies he's being nasty

George Osborne tries to paint himself as man of the people

First Reaction
Tue 2 Apr, AT 15:55

Chancellor adopts new image to defend welfare reforms, but is it just a cynical political ploy?

Iain Duncan Smith ridiculed over '£53 a week' claim

First Reaction
Tue 2 Apr, AT 10:03

Minister branded 'smug' and urged to prove he could live on minimum amount paid to benefits claimants

2015 starts now: Tories get tough on scroungers and immigrants

Mon 18 Feb, AT 11:48
The Mole

Theresa May has infuriated the judges – but it's music to the ears of Tory election guru Lynton Crosby

Is govt's work-for-your-dole programme in crisis or not?

Talking Point
Wed 13 Feb, AT 15:03

Anti-workfare campaigners claim victory but Iain Duncan Smith is as bullish as ever

No-one happy as left and right attack Labour welfare reforms

First Reaction
Fri 4 Jan, AT 14:54

Is 'guaranteed' job scheme a raid on rich pensioners or an attack on the out-of-work?

Iain Duncan Smith

Child benefit cuts: fair reform or heartless insult to the poor?

Talking Point
Mon 29 Oct, AT 12:49

Opponents compare Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reforms to China's draconian one-child policy


There are jobs available in UK - ask any Eastern European

Opinion digest
Tue 26 Jun, AT 10:19

Opinion Digest: the rights and wrongs of welfare reform and the failure of the Rio Earth Summit