Wendi Deng

05 Feb, 2014

Vanity Fair publishes passionate note said to have been written by Murdoch's then wife

21 Nov, 2013

Media tycoon is on the market again, but will he 'leap' into a fourth marriage?

30 Jul, 2013

Wendi hires estate specialist William Zabel, as Murdoch braces himself for more legal problems

10 Jul, 2013

He was so contrite when he appeared before them in 2011 - so what was that punchy encounter with Sun staff all about?

14 Jun, 2013

And one of them is a teaser from BBC's Peston who claims 'undisclosed reasons' are jaw-dropping

28 Jan, 2013

London mayor's dinner with media mogul labeled 'totally inappropriate', but City Hall won't comment

06 Dec, 2012

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Australian matriarch of the Murdoch clan, has died at the age of 103

Charlotte Church
25 Oct, 2012

She was never promised 'a good press' in exchange for waiving £100,000 singing fee, says Shalit

20 Jul, 2012

Ying-Shu Hsu says working for Deng was like being in a 'war zone' but Murdochs dismiss claims