West Bank

Adnan snaps a picture of a used stun grenade
14 Jul, 2015

Critics of 'political tourism' say an afternoon of protests and stun grenades offers little benefit to visitor or host

31 Jul, 2014

'Our problem is not with the Jews,' said the Palestinian refugee, 'but with the Israeli government and army'

Palestinians carry the body of Mohammad Deif
20 Aug, 2014

Wife and child of Hamas leader Mohammed Deif hit by Israeli airstrikes after truce breaks down

15 May, 2014

The vandalism and violence perpetrated by Jewish extremists has gone too far, say moderate Israelis

03 Dec, 2012

Paris and London are preparing to take 'real action' over Israel's plan to build in sensitive 'E1' area

Crispin Black
27 Nov, 2012

The theory that Mossad killed the late Palestinian leader is popular – but it doesn't make any sense

28 Sep, 2012

Opinion Digest: The danger of wealth taxes, America’s Middle East strategy, and a warning for Labour