White Christmas

Christmas trees covered with snow

White Christmas 2014: will it snow on 25 December?

Tue 16 Dec, AT 14:24

At least some parts of the UK could see snow if colder spells return at the end of next week

Man dies as rain, gales and hail batter UK

One-Minute Read
Mon 23 Dec, AT 15:00

Thousands of homes without power and trains disrupted by bad weather as Christmas getaway begins

Christmas songs: the best, the worst and the downright weird

Tue 16 Dec, AT 14:16

There's a few classics in the Christmas canon, but plenty of ho-ho-horrible songs too

Snow in Scotland - weather

White Christmas: will it snow on 25 December, 2013?

One-Minute Read
Tue 17 Dec, AT 08:49

Dust off that sled: the odds on seasonal snow have been slashed

UK weather: snow prompts bets on white Christmas

One-Minute Read
Mon 3 Dec, AT 12:57

Up to four inches of snow has fallen across Scotland and northern England as December gets off to bitter start

Snow at Heathrow Airport

UK Christmas standstill: how bad can it get?

Wed 22 Dec, AT 15:51

With no let-up in Arctic conditions, The First Post answers the questions you hardly dare ask...

Frozen Britain Snow

Snow threatens to ruin the bookies’ Christmas

Tue 14 Dec, AT 12:46

Climate change scientists face a tough time too as sceptics exploit the UK’s Arctic conditions


10 things you need to know this Monday

Mon 21 Dec, AT 07:40

The First Post’s super-quick catch-up on the post-weekend talking points