White House

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro feels the wrath of an unamused Newt

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Thu 22 Mar, AT 17:27

Hollywood star forced to apologise after joking about the Republican contenders’ wives

Cameron and Obama

Obama 'tucked Cameron into bed' on Air Force One

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Wed 21 Mar, AT 10:44

Tender moment between Barack Obama and David Cameron leaves Conservatives reaching for the sick bag

The White House at dusk

A dinner jacket for Dave, a tux for Obama: let the feast begin

Wed 14 Mar, AT 15:54
Charles Laurence

There's an invite too for another Etonian, Damian Lewis, star of the First Family favourite, Homeland

Baracl Obama sings the blues

Blues man Obama sings with BB King and Buddy Guy

Wed 22 Feb, AT 12:37

President shows off vocal talents with Sweet Home Chicago at White House concert (video)

Rick Perry

Rick Perry defends 'kid' soldiers who urinated on Taliban dead

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Mon 16 Jan, AT 14:49

Floundering Republican candidate attacks White House's 'over-the-top' rhetoric about army

Virginia Tech: 32 reasons to question ‘freedom’

Tue 17 Apr, AT 22:17
Charles Laurence

Will White House candidates face the realities of US gun law after Virginia Tech shooting?

Sexual harassment claims derail Herman Cain campaign

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Mon 31 Oct, AT 06:37

Two women alleged to have been forced out of company after Cain displayed 'sexually suggestive' behaviour

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie – loyal housewife and sharp political plotter

Wed 14 Sep, AT 17:13

Talking Point: Jackie Kennedy’s anti-feminist views come as a shock half a century later

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett: ‘mega-rich’ should pay more tax

Mon 15 Aug, AT 12:52

US billionaire tells White House to ‘stop coddling the super-rich’ and raise their taxes to cut America’s debts